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Street Sheets Quilt - 2007
Just what it sounds like, this is a quilt made from sheets that I found on the street in Portland. Instead of tossing it in the trash, people here often put stuff they don't want anymore out on the sidewalk for others to pick up. I wanted to experiment with a faster construction method, and these offered the perfect materials. So when my roommate asked me to donate something to an environment themed art show, I (foolishly) volunteered to make a quilt out of "recycled" fabrics.

With only a couple of weeks to go, I chose the simplest pattern -- stripes --and tried out my new technique, which involves piecing the front while simultaneiously quilting all the layers together to a sturdy old blanket in the middle. It worked just fine, though it would probably be better for a traditional "crazy" quilt, where there are a lot of random, odd shapes.

Not surprisingly, no one at the show was really interested in buying the quilt. But as luck would have it, the holidays came soon after, and guess what my boyfriend got for Christmas. (He had already been sleeping under it for a couple of months anyway.) Since we're not together anymore, I'm guessing that this quilt is now slowly deteriorating in the belly of a landfill somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

Ah well, lesson learned.