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Pendleton Blanket - next up in theory
Since living in Portland, I've collected several ruined Pendleton shirts and have been looking for a way to use them. I like the idea of making an authentic Oregon quilt, and those hokey, earnest woolen shirts were made in the state. They're a genuine institution. Made here; worn here; worn out here. Now they'll be refashioned here into a memory of this place.

Unfortunately, plaids, much as I love them, are hard to work into a pattern. The answer came from a book of Turkish carpets, of all places, where I saw a collection of riotous but paradoxically hamonious mixed patters on individual rugs. Everything was simply arranged in neat bands across the field, and in that way they reminded me of that other Pendleton institution, their blankets (like those above). How perfect.

So I'm (theoretically) going to use pieced strips, with the plaids cut at a 45 degree angle, creating dynamic diagonals in the stable and symetrically aranged parallel bands.

I'm not so sure about this idea, and I need more shirts before I get started anyway. We'll see.