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Worsted Wool Apliqué - near future
Over the years, I've outgrown quite a few navy blazers, and I've kept many of them around for... some reason. Maybe this is it. I love the patterns of Hawaiian apliqué quilts, with a solid background and a single, large, interesting shape in a contrasting color sewn on top (like above). The navy wool would be a perfect background and contrast beautifully with vivid colors, producing a simple but dynamic piece. That's the theory anyway.


Alternately, I considered a very simple design of lines, as above. Or possibly a quilt stitched in squares with smaller apliqué pattterns on each block, something like the Adrinka symbols below. Those may be beyond my skill level, but maybe I could use up some of the Harris tweeds I packed away. Talk about multi-cultural. A traditional Hawaiian-style quilt, featuring an African Adrinka symbol, worked up in handmade Scottish tweeds.


In any case, I'd love to get this project done just for the warmth of the heavy wool.